Laguiole du Barry


For the "hands-on" individual, these double-plated knives are a must-have. The knives

truly have everything: forged bee, Shepherd´s Cross, wonderfully handcrafted

engravings. They really are eveything one could want from an Original-Laguiole.

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The handles of the Edition PLEIN line are characterized by their absolute harmony in

every hand-carved curve and bend; they do not have any additional pieces and are

madeout of the single material selected for the handle.

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Every single one of these Laguiole knifes merits a place of honor in any knife


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For generations, shepherds have been venturing with their cattle over the landscape of

the Aubrac Plateau. Their most valued companion was always a knife that had been

entirely crafted by cutlers of the very same region. There, even today, it is everyone´s

greatest wish to own such a knife. You, too, can fulfill this wish!

These highly decorative knives are characterized by the absolute harmony in every

single handcrafted curve and bend of the handle, as well as by its intricately engraved


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Laguiole Made in FRANCE

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Laguiole Blacksmiths

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