Instead of bee, this knife sports a forged Occitan cross. Occitania is a southern region of France with its own language (Occitan, similar to Catalan) as evidenced since 1211 by the seal of Raymond IV. Twelve spokes represent the sun cross with the twelve houses of the zodiac. The four arms stand for the four seasons!

Laguiole de Barry, Special Edition, Occitan Cross, Walnut Root Laguiole de Barry, Special Edition, Occitan Cross, Walnut Root Laguiole de Barry, Special Edition, Occitan Cross, Walnut Root Laguiole de Barry, Special Edition, Occitan Cross, Walnut Root Thumbnail 1

Combining the "best ingredients", traditional experience and intense passion for knives, Du Barry was been producing the best Laguiole quality products since 1988. We recognize Laguiole for what it truly is: a tradition.

That is why we watch in every way for high quality. Our work is characterized by sustainability. We combine traditional Laguiole culture with innovative ideas and constant curiosity. We are always on the lookout for special and unique items for our clients.


Since Laguiole is not only a pocketknife, it is often forgotten in the world of industrial mass-production. All that is important is minimum effort for maximum performance. Not only does the quality suffer, but the origins, the very nature of the knife, are lost. Luckily, our company has devised a solution: return to the traditionally fashioned products, sustainability and quality.

The product you receive may vary from the products in the images. This is due to the variation in coloring and grain of the different types of wood, horn, etc. We will be happy to send you over WhatsApp or eMail a recent photo of the item in our warehouse!

Here is a PDF-file with the differences between the LAGUIOLE knives! --> PDF-File: 3,1 MB
  • Handle made of walnut root
  • Blade length (cutting edge without ricasso): 9.2 cm
  • Blade length: 12.0 cm
  • Doubled plates
  • Bee and spring forged from a single piece
  • Engraved spine and blade

Characteristics of the walnut tree:

  • Native to: Europe, Japan, Mexico
  • Trunk: Height of up to 30m, diameter up to 2m
  • Color: Black-brown, sapwood grey-white to grey-pink
  • Other characteristics: semi-ring porous; early wood with broad, single-row vessels; late wood with small vessels, delicate tangential grain structure, pronounced radial stripes; rather hard; moderate fading; very good for manipulating and polishing
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