Brillant: glistening bolsters

Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole, Double Plates, Brillant, Olive Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole, Double Plates, Brillant, Olive Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole, Double Plates, Brillant, Olive Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole, Double Plates, Brillant, Olive Thumbnail 1


The passion and soul of European craftsmanship—these are the characteristics that Forge de Laguiole has embodies for more than 27 years.

At Forge de Laguiole, the highly qualified craftsmen are known as “Heart Makers,” and a visit to the workshop makes it clear why: their talents and techniques are constantly refined over many years; they are mastered by past generations and passed on to the current one. Even before a Forge de Laguiole pocket-knife reaches the hands of its life-long owner, it has already lived a lifetime`s worth of experiences: through the passion and devotion of the artist who fashioned it, through every pair of hands that contributed to creating a unique, perfect masterpiece.

Since 1987, many of the hundreds of steps required to manufacture a masterpiece of a knife have remained essentially unchanged. Most of these steps are still performed by hand today.

The Artisan Atelier: Here in the heart of Forge de Laguiole, the apex of creativity meets precise craftsmanship. In the unique Artisan Atelier, the most unusual ideas slowly take form, from the earliest sketches to the final product. Using brass, high-grade steel, valuable stones and sometimes even rare and unusual materials, such as mammoth tusk and mammoth molar, the artists of the Artisan Atelier are able to create stunning pieces.

The product you receive may vary from the products in the images. This is due to the variation in coloring and grain of the different types of wood, horn, etc. We will be happy to send you over WhatsApp or eMail a recent photo of the item in our warehouse!

Here is a PDF-file with the differences between the LAGUIOLE knives! --> PDF-File: 3,1 MB
  • Handle made of olive wood
  • Length of closed knife: 12 cm
  • Blade: high-grade T12 steel
  • Bee and spring forged from single piece
  • Decoratively forged spine
  • Delivered in gift packaging

Grip plates made of olive wood

Olive: A European hardwood with very high essential oil content. Olive wood is mostly imported from the Spanish province of Andalusia. Because of its high oil content, this wood is particularly hygienic and antibacterial. Its excellent resistance to moisture, heavy weight, hardness and durability distinguish it from other woods.

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