The burl wood of the White Heath tree, with its fine swirls, is used for the handle scales of this knife making it into a rather rare and unique piece!

Laguiole Honore Durand, Double Platines - Briar Wood Laguiole Honore Durand, Double Platines - Briar Wood Laguiole Honore Durand, Double Platines - Briar Wood Laguiole Honore Durand, Double Platines - Briar Wood Thumbnail 1

Laguiole Honore Durand, Double Platines - Briar Wood (Bruyere)

The knives manufactured by the cutlers of Honoré Durand are custom-built by hand in the tradition of the French ‘Maîtres couteliers’ (master cutlers) from high quality materials. Depending on the design of the knives, up to 105 individual operations are necessary until they have their final look.

Therefore, each single piece is unique in its kind.

Numerous awards at national and international exhibitions and trade fairs attest the tremendous creativity of this company. One man – one knife, this is the company’s motto:
Every knife is made only by one trained and qualified cutler who is responsible for the product, quite contrary to industrial mass production.
After production, the knives pass through the master craftsman’s discerning hands and only flawless Laguioles (Laguiole knives) receive the company logo
‘Laguiole de l’Artisan’ in the sign of the bull. And of this they are very proud in and around the town of Laguiole. Also the many national and international awards bear testimony to this, awards which the knives of Honoré Louis Durand have received at exhibitions and trade fairs.

Knife handle can differ from illustrations

The variation in grain, natural growth and markings left by animals or weathering gives each handle a unique quality. Therefore, the images of our products serve as visual examples; the actual knife you receive may vary slightly in appearance.

Every cutler whose knives are offered through Original-Laguiole fulfills the strictest business regulations of the CITES conference for the protection of species for the use of tropical products in its grip plates.

The product you receive may vary from the products in the images. This is due to the variation in coloring and grain of the different types of wood, horn, etc. We will be happy to send you over WhatsApp or eMail a recent photo of the item in our warehouse!

Here is a PDF-file with the differences between the LAGUIOLE knives! --> PDF-File: 3,1 MB
  • Handle from Briar wood (Bruyere)
  • Knife closed: 4 3/4" or 4.7 in
  • Steel: high quality 12C27 steel
  • Bee and spring are forged in one piece
  • Decoratively forged top of spine
  • Double plates approx. 20mm wide

Handle scales are from Briar wood (Bruyere).

‘Bruyère‘ or ‘Briar’ is the name of the burl wood from the White Heath Tree (Erica arborea), a  shrub-like plant which grows up to 3m high and belongs to the family of ericaceous plants. It is native in the Mediterranean area and develops subterranean tubers.

Briar wood has a light brown to red-brown colour, an often beautiful and fine grain, is very heat resistant and therefore suitable for the manufacture of pipes - it is the ideal material for the pipe’s bowl. Seldom though, do the tubers reach more than the size of a football, for they are harvested when the plant is ca.

50 years old and they often show a very fine, swirling curled wood suitable for the very finest woodworking. This bodaciously grained wood is used to turn little bowls and to produce wooden trinkets, marquetry and knife handles. Bruyère wood is easy to polish and when highly polished, it displays its full beauty.

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