This is one of the most unusual Laguiole knives as, by way of its perfect craftsmanship, the dark, precious ebony forms a high-contrast in combination with the bright, tough boxtree wood in these handle scales, which are purposefully designed to be heavier!


Laguiole knife by Le Fidèle

Here you see an exquisite “Le Fidèle Edition Dodu” with handle made from ebony/boxtree wood, 4 3/4" or 4.7 in. This edition of high quality Laguiole knives - Edition DODU - is something very special as the handles were skilfully made from two components, in this case ebony and boxtree. The look of this knife is breathtaking as the work, in its differing layers and the composition of the wood and metal, convey a sophisticated overall impression of nobility.

Special feature(s): Le Fidèle’s knives have blade protection which prevents the cutting edge hitting the spring.

Knife handle can differ from illustrations

The variation in grain, natural growth and markings left by animals or weathering gives each handle a unique quality. Therefore, the images of our products serve as visual examples; the actual knife you receive may vary slightly in appearance.

Every cutler whose knives are offered through Original-Laguiole fulfills the strictest business regulations of the CITES conference for the protection of species for the use of tropical products in its grip plates.

The product you receive may vary from the products in the images. This is due to the variation in coloring and grain of the different types of wood, horn, etc. We will be happy to send you over WhatsApp or eMail a recent photo of the item in our warehouse!

Here is a PDF-file with the differences between the LAGUIOLE knives! --> PDF-File: 3,1 MB
  • Handle combination ebony/boxtree wood
  • Length of blade (cutting edge without ricasso): 93mm
  • Handle length: 4 3/4" or 4.7 in
  • 12C27 steel blade

Differences to Classic Edition:

  • Wider chiselled engravings on spine
  • Blade top engraved right up to the point
  • The knife is also bit fuller
  • Handle from 2 components: ebony / boxtree wood

Handle scales are made from ebony.

Ebony (from the Arabic word abanus) refers to wood from the genus of ebony trees (Diospyros – persimmons: ca. 120 species), which belong to the botanical family of the ebony plants (Ebenaceae), mainly native in the tropics of East India and Africa. The jet-black heartwood (without any visible annual rings) is very hard and heavy and belongs to the most beautiful and most expensive types of wood.

Buxus, or boxwood, has been fascinating people from all cultures because of its slow and steady growth, its resilience to diseases and the unique qualities of its wood. Boxtree is one of the most rare and expensive types of wood - an intensive search for a substitute wood is still under way. Boxwood is one of the hardest and heaviest of all European types of forested wood available on the market. The wood is dense, very hard, elastic and durable, but not weather-resistant. Boxwood, when worked, turns, carves and polishes well, but shrinks considerably and is difficult to split.

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